Pressform Panel Guidelines

  1. No orders will be processed without a signed copy of the appropriate Sternwood quote and without proof of the deposit having been paid.
  2. The panel style, colour, edge profile, sizes and all other detail on each quote must be thoroughly checked before signing and forwarding back to Sternwood. A signed copy of a quote is proof that all detail was checked and correct and ready for production. No liability will be accepted for any item manufactured correctly according to a signed quote.
  3. Seen ends pressed on a particleboard (chipboard) core can only be manufactured up to 2480mm in height, nothing longer. The widths we are able to press are either 410mm, 510mm, 610mm, or 710mm, nothing wider. This is due to the constraints of our seen end press (“cold press”) only being able to physically handle these sizes.
  4. Doors or panels pressed on an MDF core can be pressed up to 2500mm at most in height, and 1350mm in width. These panels are pressed in a pressform press (“hot press”) which can physically handle this size panel.
  5. Panels take 7 – 14 working days to manufacture on average from the date a signed copy of the quote and proof of payment of deposit are received. Sternwood accepts no liability of any nature should this lead time be exceeded.
  6. All long doors (doors above 1400mm in height) are manufactured with a rail in the panel as standard. If a rail is not required in the panel, please specify on the quote or order. The standard rail height for doors is 720mm.
  7. If a list of sizes are received for quoting purposes, it is standard industry practice for the height to be the first dimension and the width to be the second dimension. This will be taken as the case unless specifically stated otherwise when calculating a quote.
  8. The rails and styles of “shaker” panels are made 80mm in width as standard.
  9. The width of our frames are made 80mm as standard.
  10. The standard backer on all our pressform panels, including raw panels, is white melamine unless specifically requested otherwise.
  11. Sternwood accepts no liability for colour differences between batches of foil.
  12. Sternwood will not be liable for consequential damages under any circumstances whatsoever, and its liability will, in all cases, be limited to the amount paid by the customer to Sternwood for the product concerned. Please refer to Terms & Conditions.
  13. Should a 32mm panel be required, it is standard for us to make this out of doubling up two 16mm panels. Should this not be acceptable, Sternwood should be notified before quoting.
  14. Creases may occur during pressing on panels with square corners and an EP9 edge profile. This is standard and no claim will be accepted for this occurrence should this edge profile be confirmed.
  15. A slight “pressing line” may occur on shaker panels between the join of the rail and the style. This is more evident with gloss designs and plain colours. No claims will be accepted for this occurrence.

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